Summer Screenings #July19

rolling ideas summer screenings festival is a boutique film, music and arts festival taking place in an old photo film factory from Targu Mures, in the heart of Transylvania.

An experience of film, music and art in a cosy and chilly summer environment where Dracula can never catch us.

Here you can see how the second Summer Edition of the 2019 Screenings unfolded:

The list of the films screened at rolling ideas in July 2019

Title – NEON
Genre – Family Friendly, Comedy
Duration – 8:10 minutes
Country – USA
Director – Tamao Kiser, Matthew Ho, Lauren Oh
Synopsis – In a world where neon orange is banned, unexpected customers visit a dry cleaner run by two siblings

Title of the film: Secret
Genre: Animation/ Drama
Duration: 6:05 (six minutes and five seconds)
Country: United States
Director: Ysabel Congying Li
Synopsis: It is a 2D animated short about the theme of “Peeping Tom”. The story moves from one character to another and arrives back to the first character, a man who sells recorded videos of people. It tries to reflect contemporary issues involving digital media and personal privacy.

Title of the film: Harvardstein, U.S.A.
Genre: Short Documentary, Music Documentary
Duration: 6:00
Country: United States
Director: Adrian Meyer
Synopsis: Observe the whimsically erratic life of songwriter Twillian Pomp as he struggles to record his latest album.

Title of the film: SAVE 2.0
Genre: Horror, terror
Duration: 7 min
Country: Germany/ Spain
Director: Iván Sainz-Pardo
Synopsis: “Night falls, a dog how breaks the night

Title of the film: AINHOA
Genre: Drama
Duration: 19 min
Country: Spain
Director: Iván Sainz-Pardo
Synopsis: Ainhoa is 9 years old and she has left home, bringing only her school bag and a Playmobil.
“Ainhoa is a story that, instead of trying to put children to sleep, tries to wake up the adults.”

Title of the film: Chasing Mandela’s Rainbow
Genre: Social Justice, human rights and family and children documentary
Duration: 30′
Country: United Kingdom and South Africa
Director: Gary Janks
Synopsis: “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ” Nelson Mandela (2003).
Life in Mandela’s South Africa has been an unrelenting struggle between utopian hope – and painful reality. Three school students, aided by their teachers, want to join the success story this country was meant to become, post-Apartheid. They strive for recognition, dream of their place within a society, meant to work for all. Their dissimilar backgrounds and battles illustrate why Mandela’s vision never materialised and is still, a haunting and illusive rainbow.

Title: Enantiodromia
Genre: Experimental
Duration: 3:33
Country: UK
Director: Lisa Ghosn
Synopsis: Enantiodromia is an exploration of unconscious intervention. A portrait of visual psychology and the mind’s attempt to balance itself, without conscious approval.

Title of the film: Au bord du lit / In the bedroom
Genre: Drama
Duration: 14min 53sec
Country: France
Director: Léonard C. Héliot
Synopsis: A couple separates…
This is the suspended moment, frozen in the night, when the breakup is at stake.

Title of the film: The Tigress Masque
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2.00 mins
Country: India
Director: Gowri Neelavar
Synopsis: The Tulu Nadu region of Karnataka is home to a unique dance form known as ‘Pilivesha’ or Tiger masque.The film revolves around a real life female ‘pili vesha’ folk artist,who is consumed by the emotion of dancing. In a completely male dominated art form,her will power and passion, win over her ’fear of failure.’ Based on a poem, the film portrays the world of these artists,through her eyes.

Title of the film: COSMIONICA
Genre: fantasy
Duration: 00:01:36
Country: Ukraine
Director: Maria Fediuk
Synopsis: A person in red lives there, where it is very difficult to breathe. Therefore, it always wears a special mask.
A person in red with a special mask goes through a large, lifeless desert to reach a high mountain in the wilderness.
This mountain is a special place.
A person in red overcomes a difficult path for removing a mask forever. And at the end of this path she will not be alone.

Title of the film: Wee King of Nowhere
Genre: Drama, coming-of-age, magic realism
Duration: 21 minutes 43 seconds
Country: UK
Director: Peter Magát
Synopsis: Taken under the wing of a vagrant poet, a runaway boy comes to terms with his abusive past and finds the road back to trust and love.