Summer Screenings #June19

rolling ideas summer screenings festival is a boutique film, music and arts festival taking place in an old photo film factory from Targu Mures, in the heart of Transylvania.

An experience of film, music and art in a cosy and chilly summer environment where Dracula can never catch us.

Here you can see how the first Summer Edition of the 2019 Screenings unfolded:

See you in JULY!

The list of the films screened at rolling ideas in June 2019

Title of the film: Section F
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1:58
Country: Germany
Director: Patrick Steinmann
Synopsis: Two women on different sides. Working together to defeat the enemy. But can you still trust each other when it’s about your own family?

Title of the film: “Off”
Genre: Drama
Duration: 11min 10sec
Country: Singapore
Director: Dag Kaszlikowski
Synopsis: In the futuristic world, the pressure of convenience forces Min to make a choice about her boyfriend she is not ready for.

Title of the film: “Write off” (Anular)
Genre: Film noir.
Duration: 14 minutes
Country: Argentina
Director: Tomas Sivori
Synopsis: After a job gone wrong, a gang of low-life criminals must face the consequences of the betrayal

Title of the film: Beautiful Colors
Genre: Experimental
Duration: 02:34
Country: US
Director: J.A. Moreno
Synopsis: Beautiful Colors is a glimpse into a forgotten way of seeing. As we make our way into adulthood, the intensity of how we experience the world as children gradually fades away. Flavours are not as sharp, smells are not as pungent, and colors are not as beautiful. This is what director J.A. Moreno visually illustrates with his latest short film. Inspired by Tennyson’s Favorite Things, Beautiful Colors tells us of how we’ve become tainted by society, losing focus of the dreams, hopes and goals we initially set out with. Helped by those who have managed to stay true to themselves, Beautiful Colors is a reminder of those special moments when we are finally able to truly see again.

Title of the film: Olympia
Genre: Fashion Film
Duration: 15:00
Country: Italy
Director: Giulia Achenza
Synopsis: “Existential states that go beyond the most incredible conjectures”. Inspired by Don De Lilllo’s novella Body Art, Olympia tells the story of a body artist and her director husband. Starting their life together as a married couple in their new home, everything carries on as normal until the day Olympia receives tragic news about her husband. This leads her to an unexpected journey into herself, which will result in the creation of her greatest work as an artist, but also in losing part of herself.

Title of the film: Warrior with a Crown
Genre: Fashion Film
Duration: 04:08
Country: Italy/US
Director: JMP and Francesco Cuizza
Synopsis: “In an armour of scars, I fight the illusion of my fears. I’m a warrior”. In the quest to excel in life, a man battles with his own failures. Expressing the weight that every person must carry, Warrior with a Crown addresses how our need to conquer is just a fight within ourselves, with the journey itself becoming the real conquest. Warrior with a Crown is based on the belief that failure is the fuel for one’s success. Director JMP and screenwriter Francesco Cuizza take the viewer on the journey of becoming aware that fear and failures are but manmade illusions. Shot in Malibu (California) on the beach in the eerie early hours of the day, the film employs movement and original choreography to unfold its narrative. In Warrior with a Crown, the viewers are presented with two different types of failures. The first brings a man to his knees, overwhelmed by his lack of experience and knowledge. But the second time failure does not fell the man; he has learnt from his mistakes and is able to stand once again, aware that he has become a warrior capable of withstanding the challenges of life.

Title of the film: Spores
Genre: Horror
Duration: 12 min
Country: Norway
Director: Tommy Bardal
Synopsis: A woman moves into a new apartment but something sinister is growing on the wall. She tries to fight it but it slowly consumes her.

Title of the film: Inspired
Genre: Drama
Duration: 13 min 23 sec.
Country: FINLAND
Director: Aku Savolainen
Synopsis: Middle aged Sanna lives alone in Helsinki city. She has an interesting, but very hectic
job which takes all of her time and energy. Sanna decides to listen to her heart and make a
radical move. Is it worth it?

Title of the film: Joyeux Noël
Genre: Dark Comedy
Duration: 11 minutes
Country: USA
Director: Haley Webb
Synopsis: During the first holiday season after her beloved father’s passing, a young woman attempts to recreate their traditions with his cremated remains.

Title of the film: In Brief (Original title: “In Breve”)
Genre: Drama / Experimental
Duration: 6’32”
Country: Italy
Director: Carlo Perassi
Synopsis: In Brief starts from Post-history, by narrating scientific facts, like an experimental ocumentary, regarding an enormous timespan in the Universe’s far future, whilst developing a silent drama around the heart of being human.

Title of the film: Lucky fish
Genre: Experimental
Duration: 7’
Country: Israel
Director: Philippe Bensadon
Synopsis: The past 22nd of July, six players played a remarkable poker hand. Their goal was to compete with each other and win as much money as they could. However only one of them managed to leave the table as a winner. Was it skill?

Title of the film: Spizella
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Duration: 19:57
Country: Germany-Turkey
Director: Mehmet Tigli
Synopsis: Spizella is a word with Latin and Greek origin and it means ‘sparrow’. Spizella is the story of a father and his daughter with troubled family relationships, which have become even more troubled after the death of the mother. The father keeps forcing his daugther to keep the mourning attitude alive and ongoing within the house and he tries to keep his communication with her very limited. This gloomy house is no different than a cage for this timid girl.

Title of the film: Disharmony 2
Genre: Experimental
Duration: one minute
Country: Slovenia
Director: Peter Lebar
Synopsis: Disharmony is one-minute movie, the answer to EU and its search for common solution for people coming from the South. It was recorded at the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship – PST, the place where the city of Ljubljana was surrounded by the barbed wire and separated the city from its hinterland in the 2nd world war.Today, the wire is still separating, specifically on the southern borders of Europe; on PST it has become invisible.

Title of the film: Maids
Genre: Experimental fiction – Dance on Screen – Screendance
Duration: 5m 07s
Country: Argentina
Director: Sofía Castro
Synopsis: Inspired by Las Criadas de Monterroso (Monterroso’s Maids), this short film combining fiction and screendance presents a maid ballerina embodying the voices of two stock radio drama lovers who plan to murder her with their own hands.