Summer Screenings #August19

rolling ideas summer screenings festival is a boutique film, music and arts festival taking place in an old photo film factory from Targu Mures, in the heart of Transylvania.

An experience of film, music and art in a cosy and chilly summer environment where Dracula can never catch us.

Here you can see how the third Summer Edition of the 2019 Screenings unfolded:

The list of the films screened at rolling ideas in August 2019

Title of the film: Impermanence – An Inner Journey
Genre: Time Lapse Movie
Duration: 6 min
Country: Frane, shot in Thailand, China, Burma, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India (Ladakh) and Cambodia
Director: Nicolas Jouhet
Making this film led me to travel to many holy places in Asia. But it is not this trip that I wanted to tell here, but an inner journey through the progressive understanding of impermanence. This leads us to realize that everything is linked, that we are all connected. This understanding can come with meditation, but also through the contemplation of nature. How can we not feel united to the whole universe when one immerses oneself in a starry sky?
As this knowledge takes root in us, we act with greater kindness for ourselves, others, and the planet.The time lapse makes it possible to contract the time, it is the ideal technique to turn into pictures the impermanence.

Title of the film: How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps
Genre: Short Documentary on Art and Creativity
Duration: 24:30
Country: USA
Director: Mahesh Madhav
Synopsis: Engineering meets art as we follow a designer in his efforts to bend industrial concrete into beautiful furniture. Underneath the documenting of the physical process of manifesting the sculpture, we also document the ethos and mental process of ideation, discovery, and presentation — capturing what all content creators struggle with on every project.

Title of the film: Magnolia – Hearts on Fire Vol. 1
Genre: Drama
Duration: 3.56 Min.
Country: Italy
Director: Philip Thomas Morelli
Synopsis: If everything your escape from would be the way to be happy again? Elise Sodderland, the raven-haired girl with a tormented soul, lives in a lie. Prisoner of her past, she has a secret which has to live with, which memories have infected hes soul and marked hes skin. When she suddenly collides with everything she is trying to hide from, she will find that she no longer wants to live in the shadows, but she’s not ready to trust again. Colin Knight, a well-known English businessman, apparently regards everything that every man can desire, but his soul lives in an armor. He said goodbye to love the day he lost a part of himself and then he tries to keep the pieces together, to be a father to his daughter, but his heart is dormant in a sleep made of pain and regrets, beyond a wall that seems impassable. What happens when universes are apparently so distant, yet so close, collide?
Only love, the sudden and overwhelming, can rekindle two hearts crushed under the ashes of a life that seems willingly to break.
Director Statement: Magnolia is the booktrailer of the first Novel written by Alice DC. I read the book 3 times because I fell in love with it, and I wanted to express the feeling and the deep emotion Magnolia has inside itself, without spoiler to much for future readers.

Title of the film: Prophecy of the Encounter 2019
Genre: Artfilm/Fiction
Duration: 14 minutes and 12 seconds
Country: USA
Director: Ati Maier
Synopsis: This Film is inspired by the Creation Story of the Lakota Nation and is partly audible on the sound track, narrated by a Lakota Elder. According to the tale, a star is coming in close orbit with earth and warms it. The Space-Rider manifests on earth out of a solar eclipse as their star ancestor. The Lakota Horse Nation who lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD, believe they came from the Pleiades star cluster. The Encounter with the Space-Rider initiates the return to their ancient spiritual ways and at last back to the stars…” a star will take us home”.

Title of the film: Running in Circles
Genre: Music Video
Duration: 5’20”
Country: UK
Director: Bianca Cassinelli
Synopsis: ‘Running in Circles’ is an animated music video for Wax Fang, realised combining cut out images and archive footage in order to visually reflect the surreal imagery evoked by the lyrics.
The music video was produced as part of the final project for the Masters in Postproduction with Visual Effects at the University of York’s Theatre, Film and Television Department.

Title of the film: Exodus
Genre: DRAMA
Duration: 9.34
Director:Alkiviadis Papadopoulos
Synopsis:Sophia and Aristides are out for dinner just before their wedding. That evening, an unexpected acquaintance changes the evolution of the story of the two.

Title of the film: Ballad
Genre: Drama
Duration: 11:15
Country: Romania
Director: Bianca Mina
Synopsis: Burdened by his raging subconscious, Kirk, a grungy rock star, is about to kill himself when Mark, his biggest fan, finds him. As Kirk is getting ready to pull the trigger, Mark tries to convince him to see a future.

Title of the film : Linoleum – Alain Chamfort
Genre : Music Video
Duration : 05 : 50
Country : France
Director : Niki Noves
Synopsis : In a dark room, we find two men forehead to forehead, sitting on the floor, heads connected by a helmet with an organic look. They are surrounded by silhouettes motionless and tense. In parallel in a sanitized white space, these two men face each other at a distance. They seem to have the power to influence the behavior of the other. Their violent and fierce manipulations quickly blow them to the limit of the knockout. This struggle has the effect of animating the individuals around them in the dark space. Alain Chamfort is the link between these two spaces. He is the witness and the narrator. He walks in the dark towards a ray of light. In the air there are particles that gradually draw a yellow landscape, a chaotic exterior that indicates a post-apocalyptic era. A child appears in the distance through the yellowish fog. He walks in the midst of a group of women and men of all ages walking in the same direction, looking out at the horizon of a new land.